Need to Hack a Facebook Password? Here’s How To Do It

So you need to hack a Facebook account. You’re not the first person to wonder how it can be done. It’s doubtful that you’ll be the last. Regardless of the fact that hacking is illegal, people will still find ways to do it, some in the guise of “education.”

Regardless of your reason

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A good deal of password hacks for Facebook are in existence at this time

Whatever your reason may be, here are some of the ways to hack a Facebook password. The most popular ones are:

1. Facebook Phishing

2. Keylogging

3. Facebook New Features

4. Virus

If you’re focused on success, then you should know that the first two have the highest success rates.

What is phishing?

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A bunch of people are hacking Facebook passwords

The most commonly used Facebook hack is called phishing. It’s also a widely used technique in every other website hack. It makes use of fake login pages or spoofed pages. These look a lot like the original pages so that the victim is fooled into thinking that they’re one and the same. Because the pages are similar looking, the victim enters his username and password without thinking twice about it. Once that is done, the details are stolen away.

How can you hack a Facebook account using this method?

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Original Facebook account hackers are introduced 7 days a week

1. The first step is finding and downloading a fake Facebook login page. Many websites offer these in exchange for completing a survey.

2. Once downloaded, you can proceed to extract the contents of the fake page into a folder.

3. Open pass.php.

4. Find the URL and change it to This will serve as the redirection url. This is where the victim will enter his email and password.

5. Hit Save.

6. Open the fake Facebook page on Wordpad.

7. Press Ctrl + F and search for “action=”

8. Change the value to pass.php (ex. action=pass.php)

9. Create an id in, or If you are not allowed or get banned, use ooowebhost as an alternative.

10. Upload all the files in the directory of those sites.

11. To access stored passwords, you can simply go to

The whole process outlined above works like this. The user types his username and password in the text box. This info is sent to login.php which acts as a password logger. It also redirects the page to say that there’s a temporary error and to try again. This dupes the person into thinking that the site is just temporarily down and won’t think much of it when he’s asked to enter his details again.

What is Keylogging?

Keylogging, meanwhile, makes use of spy software. It doesn’t require the hacker to have physical access to the victim’s computer. The keylogging software can be remotely installed and it will keep a record of all the keystrokes done on the system. The data is gathered and sent to the hacker to sift through.

Two of the more common keylogging software that is used are Sniper Spy and WinSpy. Here’s how to use them.

1. SniperSpy

What’s the benefit to using SniperSpy? It’s a remote password hacking software. This means it can be installed remotely and it can be removed remotely as well.

All you need to do is install it on the targeted pc. Then create your personal SniperSpy account. This will allow you to view activity logs of the remote PC. As long as you have internet access, you can see the data from anywhere in the world.

2. Winspy

To use Winspy, you’d have to download it first. After downloading, follow the following steps:

• Run the application. A dialog box will appear after running.

• Create a user id and password on the first run.

• Click on apply password. This password will be required every time Winspy is started so make sure you remember it.

• A pop up box will appear again. Click on Ctrl + Shift + F12 to start the Winspy keylogger software program.

• A login box will appear. Enter your user name and password and hit OK.

• Winspy’s main screen will appear. At the top, select Remote > Remote Install.

• Another pop up box will appear. Fill in the required information on the box, including:

o .user – the victim’s name

o .filename – name of the file to be sent (Tip: Choose a file name that the victim won’t be suspicious of and will easily accept.)

o .file icon – keep this the same

o .picture – the picture that applies to the keylogger

• Enter your email address on the “Email keylog to” field. Note: Hotmail accounts do not accept keylog files.

• Once the settings change have been completed, click on “Create Remote file.”

Send the FB hack by mail

You can just send this keylog file to your intended victim. Once he opens the file, any and all keystrokes made on his computer will be logged and sent to your email inbox. All you need to do is sort through it to find the Facebook password and you’re good to go.

And that’s it. Two very simple ways to get into another person’s Facebook account.